About This Project

Over the past year I have become very much obsessed with MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and in discovering my own type, which was a long process, I wanted to find out more about other INFPs, their ideas about why we act a certain way etc. I’ve googled for such sites but they were disappointingly slim. INFP forums lay abandoned, strewn with tumbleweed; blogs drifted off into non-MBTI matter. Those INFPs who remained seemed to be parodies, playing up to what people’s perceptions of us are. The only people that seemed to be explaining INFPs to the world were non-INFPs, which given the fact that our dominant function is Fi (introverted feeling), seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Whereas I felt that other types seemed to have champions defending their peculiarities, it seemed to me that INFPs were given a list of stereotypes which have never been battled. Instead of our voices being heard, we are termed ‘sensitive’, patted on the head and shuffled aside, like the insignificant youngest family member at a party of adults.

In true INFP form, I decided that something must be done! And if nobody else was going to do it, then I would!

So here’s my attempt to get to grips with MBTI and the INFP. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

21 thoughts on “About This Project

      1. I was swing between 2 types when I don’t understand MBTI ,after I read the whole thing ,I know which type I am….

        Ah !Don’t trust me simply for I said what type I am.


      1. In my previous comment, I meant that you cannot type somebody by their photo, their motto, their interests like their favourite film or book, the animal they like, or a little picture which they choose on the internet.


  1. I love MBTI. It’s been so helpful. It was like a lightbulb went off the first time I read my ISTJ profile. I didn’t feel so weird – or at least I was okay with being weird. I keep learning from it – it’s great! Love learning about the other types too.


  2. It’s the overabundance of INTJ groups on the internet that piss me off. The way they’re worded, you’d think the rest of us were failed experiments of nature. The haughtiness wets my fur.

    NPs are so much more fun.



    1. Haha, I tend to avoid type-specific groups. They are so intense! Agreed that it’s an INxJ world online. I’d like to hear more from extroverts about MBTI online, for a change! Extroverts are just as awesome as introverts and I don’t think they’re getting the recognition they deserve 🙂 NFP Power! – INFPizza.

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