What I love about INFJs.

I’ve been away for a while, and thought that for my return it would be nice to do some more writing, and be a little bit more serious than just making fun of all of our MBTI silliness, and what better way to make a series of things which I love about all the different MBTI types. So, I’m starting off with INFJ, the type I seem to know the best – seeing as my friends are pretty much exclusively this type!

  1. I love your ferocity. I don’t mean that in a sort of rahhhh, attacking bear way, but in your ferocity to decide exactly what it is that you want at a given time and pursue it, just pursue it. It’s something I’ve always admired about INFJs. In comparison, I doubt myself and usually talk myself out of going after what I want, but you don’t – not from what I’ve seen anyway. You throw everything into it.
  2. I love how if I ever want to analyse what has been going on, whether in my own head, or in somebody else’s, you are the best person to discuss this with. You are insightful, and INFJs – like INFPs – notice every little body gesture, vocal tone, eye movement and catalogue them for later analysis.  The best thing about the INFJ-INFP grouping, in my opinion, is that we are both good at reading people, but in different ways, so at the end of the day when we collate our information, we always get a completely comprehensive guide to what is going on in either our or somebody else’s head. BEST way to waste time!
  3. I love how your emotions are important to you, just like they are to me. I think that’s why INFJs and INFPs get each other.  Even though I start my conversations with “I think…”, every INFJ I know starts with “I feel…”, and I think that is beautiful.
  4. I love your dreamy expression when you think nobody is looking.  It’s nice to know that other people have their dream worlds as well.
  5. I love how you love your own weirdness. Everyone is weird, but not everybody accepts it and runs with it.  To love every facet of yourself is extremely beautiful.
  6. I love your vulnerability. It’s okay not to be bulletproof all of the time. And, to be honest, it’s refreshing to sometimes feel like I’m the protector for a change.
  7. I love how you know what it feels like to be down, or heartbroken, or just a bit melancholy, and you completely appreciate another’s need to sit and watch Bridget Jones, followed by pretty much any other Richard Curtis film for hours on end, drinking enough tea to fill five bathtubs, when somebody you like used the wrong tone when speaking to you. INFJs get that it’s okay not to talk, it’s okay to do nothing for days.
  8. I love how you love things. That glowing, unadulterated adoration in your eyes when you are all gooey over some guy.
  9. I love how you are not always there.  It’s a good thing to not be around somebody else 24/7. INFJs get that. Probably to the extreme, but everyone needs space.
  10. I love how your MBTI gives you the confidence in yourself as unique, gifted and special. Because you are.

Please feel free to add the reasons why you love INFJs in the comments!  I’d ask you to stick to INFJs for the time being, as the other types will be covered in due course. And remember to state your type! 🙂

INFPizza out x

When Non-INFPs in MBTI Forums Tell Me That My Opinion is Invalid Because They Knew An INFP Once Whom They Typed Themselves and That INFP Did Not Do That Specific Thing.

The INFP Search for Elysium.

The other day I was watching a film which I haven’t seen in years: The Hunt for Red October. Not recognising the film at first, I spent most of the film trying to gather why Sean Connery’s character was Scottish and what he was doing on a submarine with a Russian Sam Neill, before realising that Sean Connery writes his own rules and we do not question James Bond – or the fact that every James Bond after Sean was not Scottish, even though Skyfall is… Maybe we should all pay more attention to Sean, because he appears to know more than us. Maybe The Hunt for Red October II will shine light on the fact that Marko Ramius was a Scottish orphan whose troubled past led to him joining MI5, meeting some Russian Bond girl, changing his name and nationality, and then finding himself on a Russian submarine. Anyway, I digress…

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Hell Hath No Fury Like An INFP.


One misconception which I would like to end right here and now, is that INFPs are the overly sensitive little weaklings sobbing in the corner. This needs some clarification.

Firstly, due to our dominant function being introverted feeling (Fi), all of our emotions are directed inwards. I guess we’re the typical example of the phrase ‘swallow your feelings’. So, if you see somebody publicly weeping over a lamb chop, do not immediately think ‘Ah, INFP’. Because I think this is very unlikely. The INFP, when upset, will approach the world with their best poker face, calmly walk away, lock the door behind them and then weep over the lamb chop.

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The INFP and Relationships (or lack thereof).

If there is one thing I dread more than anything it is the inevitable relationship status questioning that surfaces whenever you meet someone new. One guy I met recently asked if I was seeing anyone and when greeted by the word ‘no’, he pulled a mock sad face and soothed ‘don’t worry, you’ll find someone’. And I realised that what I hate most about people asking this question is that nobody ever says ‘thank you for relaying that piece of information which I asked of you. Would you be interested in some pie?’ No. The knee-jerk reaction is always to comfort me, as if I am in mourning for this non-existent human, or I’ve lost him like one might lose a job.

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