If you just read my explanation of the MBTI coding system and thought “What the…!”, hopefully this will make it clearer for you.

Previously, I outlined the four different functions:

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Sensing
  • Intuition

Here’s a little more about them.

The Judging Functions: How do you make a decision?  Let’s say you’re trying to make a choice about which dvd to watch for a film night.  Situation:  Your friend has brought over Love, Actually and Die Hard.

Thinking: You will weigh the pros up against the cons.  On the one hand, Love, Actually has some more complex personal relationships, presents moral dilemmas and conveys a meaningful message about love and family and goodwill to all men and how people are generally bastards.  On the other hand, Die Hard provides a steady amount of explosions, fight-scenes, blood and macho-macho-ness.  Love, Actually has Rowan Atkinson and Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant.  Die Hard has Bruce Willis.  The main problem is that Alan Rickman stars in both films, which although being fantastically the best news EVER, makes it very hard to discard one film due to the absence of Alan Rickman.  But you will eventually plump for Die Hard, because Love, Actually sucks and Die Hard is the best film ever.

Feeling:  In the words of Jiminy Cricket, you let your conscience be your guide.  Your friend comes bounding in wearing a Christmas jumper and cradling a box of tissues, stating that she feels in the mood for a chick flick, a rom-com, some good old fashioned romance.  You give her a hug, ask how she’s feeling, if there is anything wrong, if you can make her some food or cocoa.  Three hours will pass as she confides in you how she likes this guy but he likes someone else, she might cry a little bit, you comfort her, and now it’s finally time to choose a film.  She iterates that she feels Christmassy, and eagerly grabs Love, Actually.  You smile, pat her on the shoulder lovingly, and then remind her that Die Hard is a Christmas film.  And then you’ll  plump for Die Hard, because Love, Actually sucks and Die Hard is the best film ever.

The Perceiving Functions: How do you deal with information?  Situation: You’re watching Die Hard, because it’s the best film ever and Love, Actually sucks.

Sensing:  POW. Punch. KABOOM. Explosion. RED. Blood. SEXY. Alan Rickman. SPARKLES. Something sparkly.  Oh dear, John McClane is dangling in an elevator shaft.  I would definitely have fallen to my death at this point.  He’s so sweaty.  How isn’t he falling to his death? GERMANS! His fair is fantastic. KABOOM. More explosions! Yeah!!!

Intuition: If I were in this situation, what would I do?  I think deep down, Hans Gruber is a good guy.  I’m pretty sure I’d get Stockholm Syndrome.  And who could blame me, right?! Alan Rickman is hot.  Yeah! Go, Bruce!  Bruce will always save the day.  He’s the hero.  Nothing’ll stop John McClane.  It’s funny, John learns to deal with being in a tin can aeroplane at the beginning of the film and now he’s in the ventilation shaft, another tin can!  And the aeroplane guy teaches him to crunch his feet and that’s why he’s shoeless.  Oh there’s so much blood.  Maybe he’s a Messiah figure.  His foot wounds are kind of stigmata-like.  And he has no shirt on.  The plane could also refer to Die Hard 2! Woh.  Oh no! Alan! I am heartbroken.  We were going to get married.


Okay…That’s a little silly, I’ll admit.  But it just goes to prove, that no matter what MBTI type you are, you must always choose Die Hard.

Introverted and Extraverted Functions

Just because we might be more inclined to extraversion or introversion, doesn’t mean that we are either revealing everything and bursting at the seams or living as a silent hermit in a cave so remote only the Abominable Snowman knows our address.  We have a happy medium of extraversion and introversion in our functions.


Extraverted: Lives in the present. Facts are important.  Move on.  Die Hard is awesome!!!! But now we have pizza.

Introverted: By looking at past mistakes we can be better prepared for the future.  I can’t wait until Die Hard 2, Bruce will inevitably save the day again.  Probably he’ll be on his own, unprepared for battle.  He’ll get the girl.  There will be an annoying journalist. Explosions will probably happen.  Aw man, my pizza went cold.


Extraverted: Look at that! Is it a sign?  I don’t trust that person.  Don’t ask me why, I just know.

Introverted:  I don’t have a good feeling about this, but logically that makes no sense.  I won’t make a fuss, but I’ll be on my guard.


Extraverted: “It could mean this – …but then this wouldn’t work…which means it must be this!”  I would watch Love, Actually, but it is universally acknowledged that Die Hard is the best film in the world.

Introverted:  I will think before I tell you my answer.  I have always loved Die Hard.  Die Hard beats every other film in every possible way.  There is only one solution.  My friend said we watched Die Hard an hour ago, but she doesn’t realise how good the film is.  No, I must watch it.  “I choose Die Hard.


Extraverted:  “I love you! Let us hug as we watch Die Hard.  Why don’t you like Die Hard? You must like it!  It is the best film ever, don’t you understand?”…”Never mind.  I love you!  Let us hug as we watch Die Hard.”

Introverted:  I love Die Hard so much. Why am I so obsessed with Die Hard?  I think it might be Alan Rickman.  I love Alan Rickman. I would like to marry Alan Rickman.   “Sorry, what? Which film?  Die Hard.  Why?  I kinda like it.  That Alan Rickman dude is cool.”

Again, we can conclude that Die Hard plays an important part in all of our lives.

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